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Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey means ‘water under the rocks’ and it’s a series of turquoise water pools suspended on a natural land bridge under which the river passes.

This magical place is located in the jungle which makes it even more paradise-like. Apart from seeing this breathtaking panorama, our tour offers a lot of activities to keep you entertained the whole day!

Our trip to Semuc Champey includes:

  • Visiting the natural pools of Semuc Champey
  • Swimming with candles in the water caves
  • Tubing in the river
  • Jumping from the bridge and the swings to the river
  • Hiking the hill to see the pools from above
  • A lot of fun!

Tour leaves at 9am and returns around 5:30pm approximately.


  • Price varies occasionally - ask us!
  • Q25 per person, transportation to the park only, one way

Lanquin Caves (Bat Cave)

Lanquin Caves

Far more than just a bat cave! The Lanquin Cave is an enormous and beautiful complex containing countless chambers and beautiful limestone formations. The complex is huge and has never been fully explored. Stone altars located inside the cave have been used by local Maya for centuries in sacred ceremonial rites. Some of them are still used by the locals in the traditional manner.

Our experienced local guide will show you different sites and explain the ceremonies and geological features. Explore the cave for 2 hours and discover various strange, blind creatures. At dusk we wait at the mouth of the cave where we have special permission to watch the exodus of thousands of bats leaving the cave in search of food.

Get close to Batman’s relatives and take incredible pictures - a fantastic experience!

Tour leaves at 5pm and returns at 7pm




Tubing El Retiro Lodge Semuc Champey

Go tubing on the river. This is the perfect tour for your day devoted to relaxation. We drive you up the road with your tubes to where we enter the river. Then, we tube about 45 minutes down the river, past El Retiro, to where we exit. Along the way, we’ll bring cold Brahvas for you to enjoy under the sun.

Tour normally leaves every day at 2pm, or we can organize an earlier trip for your group!

The cost is Q50 for a guide, the transportation, and the cold beer! A very scenic and relaxing trip!

Sunset Hike Tour

Hiking El Retiro Lodge Semuc Champey

Join us for this 2 1/2 - 3 hour hike though the mountains around Lanquín and enjoy a beautiful view from the top. This tour leaves our lodge around 3:30pm so that we can enjoy the sunset from the spot with the best panoramas of the valley and surrounding mountains.

The hike is a bit strenuous as it is mostly up-hill -- but it’s a great work-out and very rewarding! Along the way, we’ll certainly see several farm animals as well as many friendly local Lanquineros. The majority of our village’s residents are Q’eqchi’ Maya. Chat with the locals and catch a glimspe of their culture.

Tour leaves at 3:30pm and returns around 5:30pm approximately.




Fly over the jungle and through the mountains of beautiful Lanquin! We have THREE cables, totaling 600m of distance. With brand new equipment, incredible views, local guides with years of experience, don't miss this adrenaline rush!

Q125 per person

Discount for groups of 6 or more!

Chocolate tour

Chocolate tour

You’ll be welcomed into the home of a local family to learn their traditional methods of chocolate-making and cooking. You will get to make your own hand-made chocolate, using flavors such as cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla, while observing the whole process from cacao fruit to edible candy. Or, you can choose to learn traditional Mayan dishes such as caldo de gallina, tamales, tortillas, and empanadas. The price of this tour serves as a direct donation to the local families of Lanquin.

Chocolate tour - Q50 per person (duration: approximately 1 hour)